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Process Technologies offers high quality competitively priced valves for the Food, Beverage, Brewing, and Pharmaceutical Industries.


We handle many different well known sanitary valve lines. Pentair Sudmo, Alfa Laval, SPX Waukesha, Keystone, Tuchenhagen are among those well known manufacturers. 


If your requirements call for repair parts or service, a single sanitary valve, or a complete Mixproof valve matrix, feel free to give us a call.

Divert Valves

These valves prevent allow for changing the flow path throughout the system.

Alfa Laval
Shutoff Valves

These valves will prevent slamming and allow for easy cleaning

Alfa Laval
Full Port Ball Valves

When these open there is no obstruction in the line for particulate to cling to.

SPX Flow
Sanitary Butterfly Valve

Fully CIP ready sanitary butterfly valves.

Pentair Sudmo
Mixproof Valves

These valves allow for a sanitary method of keeping CIP separate from process flows.

Pentair Sudmo
Control Valves

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